Light Posting

Light Posting

There’ve been some changes at work recently. My boss has left the company for a really terrific opportunity, and as a result a lot more responsibility has landed in my lap. We’re still light on work, but what we do have is on a tight deadline. I’m still a little wiped out from last weekend, too.

A lot has been going on in both the gun world and in politics, but I just can’t seem to work up the enthusiasm necessary to write about it. And, of course, I was waiting for a response from Joe Rothstein “after the holiday,” but it would appear that I’ve dropped off his journalistic radar.

Odd, that.

If I can muster some gumption, I might vivisect his original piece and send it to him for commentary, but for some reason that idea just doesn’t appeal at the moment.

Oh well. The nicest thing about being a blogger (besides posting from your mother’s basement in your pajamas) is that if you don’t want to write, you don’t have to write.

More later.


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