Via Of Arms and the Law, SCOTUS has granted certiorari on the Chicago gun ban /14th Amendment incorporation case.

Alan Gura is the lead attorney on the case selected for hearing:

The Court had three cases from which to choose on the Second Amendment issue — two cases involving a Chicago gun ban, and one case on a New York ban on a martial-arts weapon. It chose one of the Chicago cases — McDonald v. Chicago (08-1521) — a case brought to it by Alan Gura, the Alexandria, VA. lawyer who won the 2008 decision for the first time recognizing a constitutional right to have a gun for personal use, at least in self-defense in the home (District of Columbia v. Heller).

This is the suit that was filed (IIRC) fifteen minutes after the Supreme Court handed down its Heller decision.

I’m going to have to send a contribution to the Second Amendment Foundation.

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