Who Wants to Attend an Arizona Blogmeet & Range Trip?


I’ve been thinking about this for a while. For one thing, I desperately need to update my blogroll and get a LOT of AZ bloggers on the sidebar. Second, I’ve attended blogger get-togethers in Louisville, Reno, Phoenix, and Moyockistan, but the last time I met up with local AZ bloggers, we didn’t do any shooting.

So, I’m thinking we invade the Casa Grande public shooting range one Saturday, hurl a ton of lead downrange, then caravan off to dinner somewhere not too far off to eat, drink, and tell lies for a few hours.

Who’s interested? Can we set this up?

UPDATE: How about Saturday, Dec. 5? UPDATE III: I’m informed that there’s a gun show in Phoenix that weekend. How about the 12th?

UPDATE II: If you’re a blogger and you’re up for it, please spread the news. Not everybody who reads you reads me. Again, blog readers are more than welcome! And if you happen to live in Casa Grande or are familiar with it, some suggestions on where to go eat, drink, and be merry afterwards would be appreciated.

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