A Gun and the Willingness to Use It

A Gun and the Willingness to Use It

Vanderleun has the sound track of a 911 call from a woman in Lincoln County, Oklahoma. Donna Jackson had a home intruder who would not stop trying to get in. Listen to the whole thing.

She had a gun. She was willing to use it to defend herself – “I have a shotgun, and I will use it.”

“He’s breaking the window, I’m going to kill him.”

“He looks like an older man. I don’t want to kill him.”

She was calm, clear and collected until after she pulled the trigger.

Having a gun doesn’t mean you’re safe. As Col. Cooper put it, owning a guitar doesn’t make you a musician, either. You need to be willing and able. Donna Jackson met all three conditions. She survived the confrontation. Too many don’t.

The perp was Billy Dean Riley, and was apparently high or drunk. He had a fairly long record of drug and alcohol abuse.

Remember this tape the next time someone tells you that people don’t need guns for self defense and can depend on the State to save them.

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