Quote of the Day – Twofer Edition

These both come from the concluding piece of NRO’s Uncommon Knowledge interview of Dr. Thomas Sowell on his latest book Intellectuals and Society:

Sowell: We’re becoming a nation of people who are propagandized from elementary school right on through to the graduate school in a certain vision of the world. And only the ones who, for one reason or another, either experience or insight or whatever, leads them to say “Wait a minute!” Only those are the ones we have to depend on.

Peter Robinson: If you had a sentence or two to say to the Cabinet assembled around President Obama, and this cabinet holds glittering degrees from one impressive institution after another, if you could beseech them to conduct themselves in one particular way between now and the time they leave office, what would you say?

Thomas Sowell: Actually, I would say only one word: Goodbye. Because I know there’s no point talking to them.

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