THIS Should Get Interesting

THIS Should Get Interesting

This year’s $uperBowl®©™ ads will apparently (unless someone successfully sues to get it yanked, or CBS caves under pressure) include a message not seen before among the scantily-clad, beer-swilling, job-seeking multitudes we’re used to seeing on Game Day:

Focus on the Family, the Colorado-based Christian group led by James Dobson, is paying big bucks — perhaps $3.2 million — for a 30-second spot featuring Heisman Trophy winner Tebow and his mother, Pam.

In 1987, pregnant Pam Tebow and her husband, Bob, were in the Philippines as missionaries when she contracted dysentery. Doctors believed that the disease would result in the death of her baby and that a fruitless childbirth might kill her too.

But mother and son survived. After years of home schooling, Tim Tebow went on to become 240 pounds of All-Southeastern Conference, football-slinging whoopass with Bible verses written on his cheeks.

The point of the ad isn’t to pass a bill or defeat a candidate who believes women have a right to elective abortions, but to encourage women to “choose life” when faced with desperate options.

The reaction has already begun:

News of the ad had a predictably Pavlovian effect on the Left. Since the spot combines many of the elements that the “educated class” most detests about America — frank expressions of Christianity, pro-life advocacy, home-schoolers, football hero worship and the South — they were incensed that cash-strapped CBS would take Focus on the Family’s money.

Jehmu Greene, head of the Women’s Media Center, is leading a drive to punish CBS for airing the ad, which she claims is “sexist.”

Here’s your QotD:

A little decoding is necessary here.

In terms of Super Bowl ads, “sexist” is code for “anti-abortion.” But “sexist” does not apply to parading women around in their underpants to sell beer.

Got it?

You know, Alinski’s Rules for Radicals works no matter what side of the aisle you’re on! RTWT. Especially note this, about the recent Supreme Court Citizen’s United v. FEC decision:

The Supreme Court decision means that anyone who can get the dough together can try to influence the outcome of elections.

That’s exactly right.

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