We Live in the Presence of Greatness

We Live in the Presence of Greatness

Quote of the Day:

It’s 1974. No legal academic is thinking seriously of the Second Amendment; there is just a vague belief that it has something to do with the National Guard.

The NRA has about 600,000 members, and has no ILA. One person, as I recall, handles all political and legal affairs. The Cincinnati revolt that would create the modern NRA lies in the future (it came in 1977, arising out of problems revealed in 1976). Harlon Carter is enjoying retirement in Green Valley AZ, where he can shoot rifles out his back window. Neal Knox is a magazine editor in Prescott. I’m a law student.

That was how it stood, 36 years ago. Glad that I lived to see Heller, and now McDonald.

— David Hardy, Of Arms and the LawTrip back in the time machine

Thank you David. I’m glad you helped get us here. On to McDonald v. Chicago!

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