Blogging Update

Blogging Update

There’s been a lot going on in the world and I haven’t been commenting on it, at least not on the blog. I’ve been lucky to get one or two (short) posts a day up, and those are pretty much linky, not thinky.

I’m pretty damned busy at work, which is a nice change from the previous several months. I’m working overtime, too, which is eating into my evening hours but funding some stuff that went on hold when I got laid off in December. I’m also trying to catch up on my reading. I’ve got five or six books that were loaned to me literally months ago I need to finish and return, plus I’ve got a stack of my own to plow through, and a LONG list I need to acquire.

Anyway, this is just notice that blogging at TSM will remain light for a bit, and at the moment there is no √úberpost stewing in my head (dammit).

Carry on.

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