Primum, Non Nocere

The t-shirt is available. As with Kalashnikitty, I have no fiduciary involvement, I just like the idea and am providing advertising gratis:

(Click for shirt link)

“First, do no harm.”

They seem to have forgotten that one.

I hope you make a mint on the shirts, Gregory.

UPDATE: Generally the quote is “Primum Non Nocere,” but Gregory replies in an email:

Although “non” is considered proper, both are actually acceptable. My use of the “nil” variant was due to the essay linked below by Dr. Milton R Wolf, a cousin of Barack Obama, who utilized the “nil” variant while addressing the health care reform bill.

There is madness to my method 🙂

And he adds a new version of the Caduceus as requested by my readers:

Batwings and fangs, oh my!

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