And Then There Were Eight

Josh Sugarmann, Kristin Rand, Petey Hamm, Paul Helmke, Sarah Brady et al. must be especially sad pandas about now. 2010 is barely a third of the way done, and things have only gone from bad to worse for them.

2009 showed record sales for guns and ammunition. Arizona is about to become the third state with no requirement for a permit to legally carry a concealed weapon, and Iowa’s governor has just signed a bill to make that state “Shall Issue” effective January 1, 2011, leaving only eight “may issue” and two “no issue” states in the Union.

Once again, I LOVE this graphic:

Look at the progress that’s been made since 1986, and homicide rates nationwide continue to trend down. Yet in “gun-free” Chicago, the murder capital of Illinois by a large margin, 113 people have been murdered as of two days ago, Chicago lawmakers think that the way to fix things is to bring in the National Guard to stop the violence, and the mayor wants to use the World Court to sue gun manufacturers out of existence.

Mayor Daley said:

This is all about guns, and that’s why the crusade is on.

The evidence is (literally!) all around them that the problem is not guns, but the philosophy CANNOT be WRONG! It just hasn’t been implemented correctly! They must do it again, only HARDER!

And we await the outcome of McDonald v. Chicago . . .

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