From (formerly) Great Britain – America’s Petri Dish

The left has seen the pinnacle of its efforts to sell “utopia” and “social justice” pass by without the success they envisioned, and have resorted to voter cultivation and union terrorism to produce what their manipulation and appeals to compassion have failed to achieve. They are simply no longer interested in what the white British family wants, feels, or have the potential to be; the white British family is now a threat and a detriment to Marxist goals for the future state. When one fails to vote as commanded, then social engineering through mass immigration and a total breakdown of morality through creating apathetic dependence shall compel a “new” British voter to simply vote for what will keep them alive and free of any responsibility whatsoever. This, according to their plan, creates an unopposed mandate for generations to come. That, my friends, is the evil which we must eradicate with the coldest and most brutal determination if we are to survive.

I would also ask that my American readers take notice of these extraordinary times and try to draw parallels to their own demise currently in progress. The initial step was to create a two pronged attack; the first would be to effectively destroy one sixth of the economy, the private sector, and nationalize it. The second would be to create the ultimate dependency of the people to their well informed and all powerful dear leader. There can be no greater power over the people than the decision of who lives and who dies. “Vote for them and you shall lose your tit from which you suckle for your very existence” they will say. Meanwhile by eradicating such a major swath of the private sector, they can begin to scoop up the newly unemployed by putting them on the government payroll; no one would vote against the hand that feeds. The next and most obvious step would be amnesty for 20 to 30 odd million illegals.

TorchlightGreat Britain: Emails Reveal Labour Is No Less Than The Future Communist Party Under Union Control

This is what reader PhilB abandoned the UK to escape. And it’s coming here. RTWT

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