I Thought the Goldwater Institute was a THINK Tank

My friend and (former) fearless leader Primeval Papa has had a rather involved discussion with a member of said Institute on the topic of one of their recent commercials. Arizona is attempting to pass by referendum a sales tax increase to recover the loss in revenue due to the economic downturn. The Goldwater Institute commercial picks out several budget items that it calls “waste” available to cut.

The first “waste” item is Arizona Game & Fish planned spending for shooting range maintenance – $800,000 this year.

First picked up by Arizona Bloggers Great Satan, Inc., Primeval Papa went them one better: he has had an extended email exchange with a representative of AuH2O.

Please, go read. That’s MY money, and it’s going where it’s going by law. “Waste” my aching sphincter.

They obviously didn’t think too hard about this one.

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