And Right After Posting That . . .

I get blogfodder.

Mostly Cajun posts on a weekly or biweekly basis a list of the, er, creative names he sees in the birth announcements of his local paper. Here are some baseline examples from that source:

Shane P. & Kendra S. screw up TWO names with their daughter, little Madisyn Cheyanne

Miss Dellanisha (!) R. has a new son, little Camelo D’Sean.

And last we have a few people who saw past the end of the alphabet as limiting to their creativity so they kept on going into punctuation:

Justin K. & Christina B bring their son, Ja’Marrick Travon.

Murphy b. & Megan M. present a little girl, Mikira Ja’Nee.

Byron & Venus D. also present a daughter, Breyah D’Nae.

I can beat that. A while back, my sister the school teacher told me about one student in her school that had everyone shaking their heads. Her name is spelled “Le-A.”

How do you pronounce that? Lee-ah?




Her mother was furious that her name was such a struggle. “It’s pronounced LEDASHA! The DASH AIN’T SILENT!

But that’s not the best worst one. No, no! My sister is at a conference this week, and one of the other attendees had to tell everyone about the young boy in her school who will grow up some day to murder his mother in a particularly grisly fashion.

His name is pronounced “Sh-THed.”

It is spelled, of course, “S-H-I-T-H-E-A-D.”

I think I’d be willing to hand him the 2lb. ball-peen hammer myself.

I’m going to bed.

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