I Hereby Declare My Support for . . .

. . . the guy that isn’t McCain or Hayworth. I said back in 2006 that “It is my intention to do whatever I can to ensure that John McCain does not get elected to dogcatcher ever again.” But in 2008 I was forced to – grudgingly – pull the lever for him when he ran for President as “the least repulsive Democrat” on the ticket.

Not this time, though. He’s running for re-election to his Senate seat. His major opponent in the Republican primary is J.D. Hayworth, a former Representative who lost his seat in 2007. The mud-slinging here in Arizona is heavy, and Hayworth is receiving the bulk of it, especially after McCain’s campaign dropped a nuke on him, bringing up a “get free money from the .gov” infomercial he did in 2007. It’s a body-blow to a guy running on a fiscal-conservative tea-party platform, one he didn’t need.

I wasn’t happy about voting for Hayworth, either, and yes, I know I’m going to “throw my vote away” in voting for this guy in the primary: Jim Deakin. He’s currently polling at about 7%. Fine. He still gets my vote. And in November when it’s McCain against whatever loser the Democrats run against him, I’ll abstain from voting.

Until the primary, though, Deakin gets my support.

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