Even I Didn’t Think It Was This Bad

From AR15.com:

I was watching Band Of Brothers with a group of people (The episode where they find the concentration camp)

No lie…No embellishment…No exaggeration…

I had to explain, in detail, to a 31 year old individual who Adolf Hitler was… Why “the Jews hated him so much”… Why the people were in the prison camp, and why they were so skinny.

This particular person was a straight A, honor roll student in high school…has a Master’s degree in business management…and, is a corporate director for a national organization.

I asked her how she managed to get through school, and 31 years of life without ever hearing of Hitler or the Nazis.

She said she has heard the name (Like, when people compare a politician to “Hitler”… Or, call an overbearing person “Little Hitler”, or “Nazi”) but she never knew where the reference came from.

(She was horrified when I gave her a quick and dirty, abridged version of what happened in Nazi Germany).

I am still in disbelief

On the bright side… She is VERY bright…And, she is now very interested to learn a little bit about history. So, I am building a list of reading and viewing material for her.

Thirty-one. Born in 1979, just like my daughter, who didn’t know what Pearl Harbor was.

Sweet bleeding jeebus.

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