Quote of the Day – Politics Again

This time from Mostly Cajun:

Then there‚Äôs our own upcoming election. The republican party may indeed win the house. They may indeed get a secure, cloture-proof number of seats in the senate. And then it’ll be back to the same old tricks as the bright, enthusiastic newbies hit the capitol all filled with Tea party enthusiasm. forgive my cynicism, but I’ve seen it all before, back when Newt and the Gang rolled in with the Contract with America. And in one term, the bright faces of the iconoclasts were stilled, replaced every one with the steely glare of the Beltway commandos, happily buying into the idea that a seat in Washington was the single greatest expression of one’s worth on the planet, and said seat could be secured by pork and pander.

Except that “pork and pander” has bankrupted the country, and about the first time that Billy Bob’s paycheck fails to buy groceries due to the inflation of a failed monetary system, and the first time DaMarcus’s food stamps don’t work, there’s going to be a new game being played.

I’m an old (well, getting there, anyway) man, and I’m an optimist on many things, but I fail to see a peaceful way out of this present unpleasantness. I can hope. I can keep trying, and do my little bit. I can remain watchful. But I’m thinking things will get MUCH worse before they get better.

I’m not quite as old as Dale, and I’m not an optimist, and I think he’s accurately described exactly what’s coming.

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