Twelve Days to the Rendezvous

Are you going? Still plenty of time to make travel arrangements. Here’s some more incentives to come:

As you’ve already been told, Hi-Point is donating a pistol caliber carbine, Glock is donating a certificate for any standard model handgun, Ruger is sending a factory representative, the NRA is sending a representative, the National Shooting Sports Foundation is sending a rep, SFC Toby Nunn will be representing Project Valour IT, and Molly Smith will be there again, so you too can be beaten by a little girl at the game of Steel Challenge.

But in addition, Leupold has donated one of their new VX3 scopes, and Derek of The Packing Rat (who has won, I believe, two firearms at previous GBRs) is donating a Venturi Bronco air rifle for the raffle.

And last but not least, Mr. Completely says that something major is going to be announced at GBRV:

At this year’s Gun Blogger Rendezvous the head of a major internet start up endeavor will be announcing something new and big and cool! It will involve the internet, guns, shooting, hunting, shooting sports, forum-ing (is that a word? Should it be?), 2nd. Amendment Issues, blogging, and a lot of other stuff too.

Sounds interesting!

Make your plans. It’s one of the most enjoyable weekends you’ll ever have.

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