OK, Another Post

On the way up to Reno, I’m stopping by this place: Special Interest Arms. They do…interesting things with Lee-Enfield rifles, and I have a couple that I’m interested in selling. I’ve got a No. 4 MkI* Savage barreled action that has a bad bore, and a No. 5 MkI that has way excessive headspace on a #2 bolt head (instant case head separation). Besides, Gardnerville isn’t that far out of the way. I have another No. 4 and an original No. 5. The No. 5 shoots pretty well. The No. 4 not so much. I might try to partially trade the two I’m bringing for a 7.62×39 conversion kit for my other No. 4.

On the other hand, those suppressed .45ACP carbines look wicked cool . . .

And the proprietor has said that he might drop in on the Rendezvous this weekend, which would be cool.

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