Clark County (NV) Kids Can’t Do Math

No matter what their grades say. Read Vin Suprynowicz on the subject. Excerpt:

Cheyenne High School, with its 2009 “Nevada state Principal of the Year,” supposedly made “Adequate Yearly Progress” in 2009-2010, according to Arne Duncan and his federal parachute team. But the main thing the numbers there show is rampant grade inflation — kids who can’t pass the test taking home misleading “passing” grades.
At Cheyenne, the Algebra I common assessment test scores held steady — from 96 percent flunking in 2007, to 96 percent flunking in 2009.

After two years, the teaching staff still didn’t know they had a problem? They still want to claim the test is “unfair”?

Meantime, however, in the same years, Cheyenne parents were told 63 to 72 percent of the kids PASSED Algebra I. Similarly, while 90 to 97 percent of kids flunked the standardized geometry test each year, students carried home report cards informing parents 64 to 72 percent of kids had PASSED geometry each year.

RTWT. Ask yourself if your kids are in the same kind of “schools” these kids are.

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