I shot my first Glock, excuse me, GLOCK today. The Tucson Rifle Club is hosting a Glock Sport Shooting Foundation match, “Duel in the Desert IV” today and tomorrow. The match is a three-stage event, four runs at a six-plate rack, and three runs each at GLOCK ‘M and 5 to GLOCK (PDF files). One of the guys who helps run the USPSA matches sent an email saying “bring your own ammo and you can shoot my pistol.” Since I don’t own a Glock, er, GLOCK, I decided to take him up on the offer. Mr. Completely endorsed it. I ended up shooting someone else’s pistol, but that was OK.

The Model 17 I shot was not stock. It had about a 2lb. trigger and the sights were definitely aftermarket, with a fiber-optic front and an triangular rear notch. However, I now understand what everyone who comments on the Glock (oh the hell with it) grip angle is talking about. It naturally points WAY high in my hand, and takes a concerted effort to keep the sights lined up.

It was quite a bit more expensive than I had anticipated to shoot the match. Apparently I’m now a member of GSSF for the next year, not that that will entice me to actually buy one. Still, I had fun, and I was not as bad at it as I expected, with a strange gun and all.

We’ll see if I win anything in the random drawings. I’m sure not winning any prizes with my shooting.

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