Another Excuse for Not Blogging

This is my current book queue:

(Click for full size)

I’m a bit over halfway through Sowell’s Intellectuals and Society at the moment, and I just finished reading John Ringo’s Live Free or Die (recommended, BTW) and Stephen Hunter’s I, Sniper. That stack on the right is books I’ve already read. Those are all novels, mostly SciFi. Hardbacks go in a different pile. I read probably three or four novels to each non-fiction book. I had planned on slogging through those pretty much in the order they’re stacked (not including books I pick up in the mean time), but after reading Tam’s review of The Gun, I’ll probably start on it as soon as I’ve finished Intellectuals.

I swear, sometimes I think my house is just a repository of horizontal surfaces on which I stack books.

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