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Still no joy on migrating the old comments.  Something’s going on, but whatever it is ain’t right.  For example, I’ve imported the Echo export file to Disqus (with “unhandled exception” error) and I can see comments on the Disqus moderation page, but they don’t link to the posts.  Case in point, the 573-Übercomment thread to My New Favorite Flag.  The link to that single post is  If I want to edit that post, the Post ID number is 8874806502897879244.  The link in Disqus for the comment thread to that post is “ comments”.  Note the “path=” number matches the Post ID number.  That doesn’t help, though, because when you go to the post itself, Disqus tells you there are 0 comments.

So this tells me that the post-December 2009 comments came through with something that identifies which post they should be linked to, it just isn’t working.  The pre-December 2009 comments on the other hand?  I don’t know.  Here’s the code for the very first two JS-Kit comments from June 29, 2003 (left and right arrows replaced with {}):

{title} comments{/title}
{atom:link rel=”self” type=”application/rss+xml” href=””}{/atom:link}
{jskit:attribute key=”md5path” value=”2ba805a528476df214be05f62ec3fe6e”}{/jskit:attribute}
{jskit:attribute key=”path” value=””}{/jskit:attribute}
{description}RSS comments feed for{/description}
{generator}JS-Kit Bulk Site Exporter 0.8{/generator}
{lastBuildDate}Fri, 18 Dec 2009 21:16:10 +0000{/lastBuildDate}
{pubDate}Sun, 29 Jun 2003 17:32:45 +0000{/pubDate}
{jskit:attribute key=”IP” value=”″}{/jskit:attribute}
{jskit:attribute key=”Url” value=””}{/jskit:attribute}
{description}Yup. I may have to join you at Haloscan, my comments have been AWOL for almost a week now!{/description}
{jskit:attribute key=”GravatarID” value=”0fe77f30c5265ac50c01f76ba0de1052″}{/jskit:attribute}
{jskit:attribute key=”sync_peer_3″ value=”31-255840″}{/jskit:attribute}
{jskit:attribute key=”foreign” value=”3″}{/jskit:attribute}
{pubDate}Sun, 29 Jun 2003 01:53:47 +0000{/pubDate}
{jskit:attribute key=”IP” value=”″}{/jskit:attribute}
{author}Kevin Baker{/author}
{jskit:attribute key=”Url” value=””}{/jskit:attribute}
{description}Testing, testing, testing…

Is this thing on?{/description}
{jskit:attribute key=”GravatarID” value=”6bac8ac442a85fa679bf5b7b52db5cd3″}{/jskit:attribute}
{jskit:attribute key=”sync_peer_3″ value=”31-255839″}{/jskit:attribute}
{jskit:attribute key=”foreign” value=”3″}{/jskit:attribute}

You’ll note that the newest comment came first. The postID for that post is 105685175144057251, which you can see the start of under {guid}, but not the complete, correct number.  I have the same comments saved in a JS-Kit export from December just before the switch to Echo, and that code looks like this:

{?xml version=”1.0″ ?}
    {thread id=”105685175144057251″}
        {name}Kevin Baker{/name}
        {email}[email protected]{/email}
        {text}{![CDATA[Testing, testing, testing…

Is this thing on?]]}{/text}
        {text}{![CDATA[Yup. I may have to join you at Haloscan, my comments have been AWOL for almost a week now!]]}{/text}

The postID is there.  Still no joy importing THOSE export files, either.


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