Well, THAT Isn’t Any Better

I’m modifying the template to make TSM look more like it used to. However, the overall width of the damned thing seems to be fixed. Gotta look into that…

UPDATED: Ok, how’s THIS?

UPDATE II, 10:08PM MST 11/21/10: I’m leaving it like this for a while. Comments seem to be functional, but I still have had no success in importing the archives. Dammit. I may contract out for Robb Allen or someone to rewrite the blog template, but I REALLY WANT MY COMMENTS BACK!

UPDATE III, 11/22: Comment importation has begun. We’ll see how it works out. Chris Byrne said it can take well over a day for the import to complete. I can believe that, but I’m seeing comments from as far back as 2003 now, and that gives me hope.

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