Quote of the Day – Clear Vision Edition

Bubba over at What Bubba Knows runs one of the best aggregation sites on the web, and also does some pretty fine commentary of his own.  Commenting on a story of riots in Rome after Berlusconi won a confidence vote, Bubba hits on the heart of the subject:

Students? No, anarchists. Raised and groomed by the socialist institutions of public education. Taught to believe that anything they want is a right, that the government that refuses their ‘rights’ to anything they want is to be pulled down and destroyed.

Workers? No, unions. Unions and their members that have grown accustomed to constant reductions in production expectations and constant increases of expectations from them. More pay, more benefits in exchange for less production. When the government teat runs dry, they have been trained to rebel.

Immigrants? No, muslims. They’ve migrated, not immigrated, to European countries where they promptly enter into the welfare systems and become bloated leeches with attitudes. While contributing nothing, they feed on the resources and wealth of their host nations. When their benefactors run out of other people’s money, the muslim migrants have learned to riot and demand their ‘rights’.

All of these parasites get their concepts of rights from a single source, a single ideal. That source is the same source of the policies that have created the need for austerity. It’s name starts with a ‘C’ … and ends with a ‘nism’, and it’s the exact opposite of Capitalism.

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