Quote of the Day – Been There, Done That Edition

In a comment to yesterday’s What We’re Up Against, reader Thorspapa left this gem:

…as an immigrant from a communist country, I remember similar discussions aired at social gatherings (this is WAY before anybody even conceived of a personal computer or internet) in the beginning of the Communist dictatorship takeover.
Though most of those involved have now passed away (it was a long time ago), I had the satisfaction of seeing some of these deluded souls come to the realization that theory, well wishes, and reality are often not close to each other.
Their realization that the world works different than they thought was sad to watch. The common denominator (at first) was denial: they often stated over and over that things were going badly because some outside force (Imperialists) were working against the brave and well meaning “Government of the People”.
Later on, they would insist that fairness and plenty were just around the corner, and all it would take was a few more years of sacrifice, a search for those that “had too much and were hoarding their wealth”, and more trust in that benevolent group of people known as “the Government”
Eventually, when everybody was equally miserable, hungry and destitute (except for those “Benevolent Government” officials), reality did set in.

I’m an old man now, and can’t help but bristle when I see the same denial of reality grow in my beloved adopted country. I though living through this stupidity once in a lifetime was too much, now I must live it twice. From previous experience, its an uphill battle against these people, when they own the sources of propaganda and “Higher Learning”. The battle can be won, but it requires involvement. Those sitting on the sidelines ignoring current events because they’re busy, will eventually see the error of their ways…….too late.

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