Quote of the Day – UK Edition

Reader Bob Beagle pointed to an article in the UK Telegraph about how the Giffords shooting is just more evidence that the US needs to adopt strict gun laws.  I found this comment to that piece worthy of being QotD in its entirety:

If I may suggest, the repeated acts of treason by sitting prime ministers of the UK, the forced participation in the anti-democratic EU, the end of habeas corpus, the loss of protest rights, the loss of free expression rights ….. all serve to make many in the UK acutely aware that a weak populace will be treated with contempt.

In the UK we were disarmed by the state, and now that state thinks nothing of signing our national sovereignty away against a manifesto pledge.

Gordon Brown shoulld(sic) be executed for his treason against the british people. The treason is continuing under cameron(sic).

If these traitors, protected by a corrupt judicial system at least feared getting a righteous bullet between the eyes, perhaps they would think twice before betraying the people.

We have already witnessed the end of democracy in the UK. That would not have happened if the people had the right to carry firearms.

So, if we sound like NRA stooges, it is simply because we now understand what we have lost and why.

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