Ravenwood’s Law

Ravenwood’s Law is expressed:

As a discussion about guns grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Dodge City or the Wild West approaches one.

It doesn’t have to be a “discussion,” apparently.  This was in Wednesday’s local paper “letters to the editor” section:

Harper’s plan for education: guns Re: the Dec. 23 article “Legislator wants end to campus gun bans.”
Bravo state Sen. Jack Harper, the Old West’s true son! Got a big issue? Just grab a big gun!

Armed guys on campus? Jack finds it prudent to arm the professor as well as the student.

But one little problem: This plan no doubt shall turn every classroom into the O.K. Corral.

Ernest von Nardroff
Retired, Tucson

And immediately below that gem came another example of “The Philosophy Cannot Be Wrong! Do It Again Only HARDER!”

Economic theory not fully tested

Re: the Dec. 24 letter to the editor “Keynesian theory proved to be a failure.”

A letter writer claims Keynesian economics is dead and cites the failure of the stimulus package to end the recession as proof.

The death proclamation is both premature and wrong.

The Bush recession (began in 2007) has resulted in historically high consumer debt levels and $12 trillion in lost home and investment values.

Consequently, because of demand/supply inelasticity, consumers are not positioned to spend (demand) the economy out of the recession.

Clearly, what is needed is stimulated demand.

U.S. economic expansion is currently so slow that in order to grow demand, a multi-billion or even a multi-trillion dollar stimulus is needed.

The only lesson from the failure of the first stimulus package is that it was far too small.

Stuart A. Ulanoff

I’m very glad I don’t waste my money on a subscription.

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