To Quote the Eminently Quotable Tamara K,

This would make me want to get my wookie on. This would make me want to saddle up and bust caps. If the .gov was wondering what it would take to turn me into a wild-eyed militia kook, well, they’ve found it.

She said this about the EPA looking at banning traditional lead ammunition, and I agreed with her then.  I was reminded of that quotation when I read that European governments have started seizing private pension funds. Argentina did it a while ago.

There have been noises here about Congress looking longingly and lovingly at all of the money tied up in 401(k) retirement accounts. You see, the crash of the stock market proves that allowing people to control their own retirement accounts is just, well, foolish. We’d be much better off if we gave that money to the government for them to dole out to us in our old age like we do with Social Security.

Oh, wait…

So you want to seize my 401(k) funds? My wookie suit is fresh back from the cleaners, and I just cleaned the bowcaster.

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