Quote of the Day – Billy Beck Edition

I keep saying it: the basic conflict in American politics is individualism vs. collectivism in all its pretense forms and manifestation. I keep saying it because no arrangements of coalition electoral politics will address this fundamental schism: as the necessary economic implications become real, so-called ‘democracy’ becomes impotent to manage coalition demands, all while the force of ‘law’ becomes more arbitrary at coalition demand.

I’ve been saying it for at least fifteen years: “The pace of this thing is picking up.”

I hate to keep saying it, because I know it’s no fun to hear it and it just wears my narrow white ass out to keep-ass saying it, but the real problem under all this is fucking enormous

I really don’t think it can be fixed before it really goes the way of the pear. We’re really in it. In our lifetimes.

Billy Beck, Two-FourWhat Really Happened

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