Quote of the Day – History Doesn’t Repeat Itself

…But It Does Rhyme Edition:

I am more convinced now … that the West has gone over the tipping point in its terminal decline. That intelligent people, or people who claim to be intelligent, (I have in mind the talking heads in the U.S. media such as Chris Matthews or Fareed Zakaria) cannot make the difference between the sham of the Muslim Brotherhood talking about freedom and democracy and the generic thirst in man to be free. These are the people who have like the Bourbons learned nothing and forgotten nothing. They are glibly about to put the Lenins of our time into trains heading for Moscows of our time….

Salim Mansur as related by Claire Berlinski

(h/t: Instapundit)

RTWT.  There’s still hope, but it’s fading fast.  Billy Beck’s Endarkenment comes ever nearer.

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