The Shall-Issue CCW Wave Began in Florida

…and they’re still fighting the good fight.  Robb Allen emails:

As some of you may know, I am a board member for Florida Carry and we have been active in trying to get some new bills passed through here in the Sunshine state. You all comprise a wide group of readers, many of which may live here in God’s Waiting Room who might not read my blog. SB 234 is the largest piece of pro gun legislation we’ve seen since Shall Issue was pushed 24 years ago.

We’re beating back decades of anti-gun legislation and as more states are moving toward things like Shall Issue and Constitutional Carry, each win, regardless of state, helps the freedom of all.

Damned straight.

Do you live in Florida?  Drop by and read Robb’s post on the carry reform bill now in committee, and swing by Florida Carry too.

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