Want to See Some “High Capacity Magazines” in Use?

My monthly bowling pin match is coming up this Sunday at the Tucson Rifle Club. Same setup as last month, with three-abreast shooting positions, double-double-elimination, centerfire and .22 long-rifle classes (handgun only) with .38 Special being the smallest centerfire caliber acceptable. Most shooters seem to prefer “standard capacity” Wondernine pistols of some tactical tupperware persuasion or another. 

If you’re new to the sport, a detailed description is available here.

Sign-up starts at 8:30AM, first rounds downrange about 9:00 or so. We should be done before noon. Bring plenty of ammo. Hollowpoint and flat-point works better than round-nose or FMJ at carrying pins off the tables.  Pretty much any .22 round works on the pin tops, if you can hit them.

See you Sunday!

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