Quote of the Day – A Little Strong Edition

Islam will be the defining problem of the 21st Century the same way Communism was to the 20th. It is an existential threat to Western Civilization and like Communism, it needs to be eradicated.Snarkybytes, That Equal Protection Thing?

I see it as more pre-Reformation Catholicism. Islam can’t be “eradicated” any more than Communism can. As the poster says,

Catholicism was never what Islam is, a complete guide on how to live your life during every waking moment, a guide and exhortation to take over the world, but it was the overwhelmingly most powerful force in the lives of ordinary Western people for centuries until its corruption spawned Luther and the Reformation.

Islam isn’t so much corrupted as it is being properly interpreted by those who want to drag the world, beaten and bloody, back into the 14th Century. What needs to happen is a rejection of its teachings. But no matter what, it won’t be “eradicated.” No idea ever really is. It needs to be ridiculed into oblivion.

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