Quote of the Day – Tactical Facepalm Edition

Another one from MaxedOutMama. She’s been spending some time over at Democratic Underground and, well, let her say it:

I have just realized that it is hopeless. These are not the people who flunked algebra, geology, long division and biology. These are the people who flunked algebra, geology, long division and biology, and attempted to burn down the school as revenge, failed, and are now attempting to expunge those ways of thinking from the known universe.

As I’ve noted previously, I spent some eight months there myself before being ceremoniously kicked off by “Skinner” who is apparently one of if not the founder.

But I’d figured out what MOM figured out long before then. I’ve not been back. As Robert Heinlein said of visiting the Soviet Union, “Once is educational. Twice is masochism.”

But by all means, RTWT. Beverage alert, however, especially if you’re an engineer type. And the demotivator at the bottom of the post is worth the trip itself.

Unrelated, MaxedOutMama has been keeping track of the goings-on at Japan’s current nuclear disaster site.  Start at the top and scroll down for a pretty good synopsis of what is known to date.  It’s not Chernobyl, but it’s worse than Three Mile Island by quite a stretch.

Can we PLEASE start talking about Thorium-powered reactors now?

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