Yesterday’s QotD came from a comment left by the Geekwitha45 to a previous post.  That comment in its entirety goes:

The MSM isn’t broken.

It’s operating effectively, as designed and intended. Unfortunately, being a source of unbiased, deep information is not a design consideration.

What *is* broken is the electorate, which failed to detect that condition and correct for it.

This is why I no longer believe myself to have any duty of conscience to be chained to the outcomes of a broken electorate or electoral process.

Which sucks, because all I ever really wanted from my government was a vigorous defense of my natural rights, in a package that was safe enough to mostly ignore, instead of the ringside seats at the horror show.


One of my co-workers has a cartoon-a-day calendar of New Yorker cartoons.  This one is from a few days ago:
I’ve got a few thousand words to say on this topic that I just can’t get written down.  I hate when that happens, but I thought I’d share the picture with you and prompt you for your thoughts.  Maybe you’ll break my damned dam free.

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