Quote of the Day – Harshed Mellow Edition

By JamesR, from comments:

I’ve been reading your blog for about two years now and I must say that I’ve learned more here and in the links from here than I have during any history or political science class I’ve ever taken (I’m twenty years old). However, after reading your works and those of Thomas Sowell, who you and Bill Whittle opened my eyes to, my mellow has become almost irrevocably harshed. Not only did I learn great things about American civilization that I had not known before, but I also learned about how all those feats and accomplishments are being threatened. I look around at all the things I love about The United States and the people who make it up and who’ve made it up in the past and wonder, “What can I do to stop this from happening?” When the problem is essentially a cancer in the bones of our culture and way of life is there even a way for us to save what I believe is the greatest and most unique creation of mankind?


I’m too young to feel this old

I know exactly how you feel.

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