Quote of the Day – “Yes, Exactly” Edition

Jennifer asked her readers to explain “How did that happen? How did you become gunnies?” The answers have been fascinating. I’ve left my own tale in a post below this one, but today’s QotD comes from Big Smart Human‘s story:

My husband & I discussed getting an NRA bumper sticker — not actually joining the NRA, mind you! Just having the bumper sticker on our car. We thought about what to do to make it appear that we are armed.

And then I realized: the way to appear armed is to be armed; the way to appear dangerous is to be dangerous.

That was three years ago. It has been a slow and steady escalation of knowledge, skill and firearms ever since.

Now I love the Second Amendment and fully understand why citizens may feel very wary about all this “reasonable gun control” blather certain folks like to throw around.

Now, in fact, I see myself as a citizen. Before guns, I never really thought about citizenship, beyond voting at every opportunity.

Along the way, the hardest lesson has been that I can trust myself.

EXACTLY! (All emphasis mine, all links in the quotation are mine also.)  What she describes is exactly what the Left fears most about an armed populace – that they can be an empowered, confident group of citizens that trust themselves, and can tell their self-annointed “betters” to go to hell.  She exemplifies what I’ve been writing about here for eight years now.

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