Bowling Pin Match, Sunday July 10

Berm work at the Tucson Rifle Club action range is still ongoing, but the short bays are available for matches.  We’re still on! Registration begins at 8:00 AM. Sign in at the range office, but if all you’re going to do is shoot the match, you don’t need to pay the daily use range fee – it’s part of the match entry fee for non-members. $10 for the first gun, $5 each for additional guns. First round downrange (hopefully) by about 8:45.

We’re still shooting Major (.40S&W and above), Minor (9mm and below – minimum .38 Special), and .22 rimfire as separate classes, in a double-double-elimination contest.  Hollowpoint and flat-point bullets work better at carrying pins off the tables than round-nose or FMJ bullets do, regardless of caliber.  Line up three abreast, whoever wins two rounds takes that set.  Lose two sets, you’re eliminated from that class.

You’ll be paired off against other shooters for head-to-head competition, again, first person to win twice wins the set. Whoever’s left at the end of the match with no more than one loss is the winner for that class. Bring enough ammo! (I recommend 100 rounds.)  Most tables take well over five shots. Even if you lose the round, you can keep shooting until you’ve cleared your table if you want to. Consider it practice for the next round.

The last match of the day will be a best two-out-of-three competition between the top Major and Minor shooters (unless, of course, it’s the same person). Your only prize: the accolades of your peers.

Everyone who hangs around until the end of the shoot will be put in for a drawing. $1 of each entry goes into a pot. A drawing from the names of those present will be taken, and the winner gets the whole pot.

See you Sunday, July 10!

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