Monster Hunter: Alpha

I finished Larry Correia‘s latest, Monster Hunter: Alpha last night about 10:20.  I picked it up from Barnes & Noble on my way home from work Monday evening.  I read from the time I got home until about 10:45, taking just enough time out to post yesterday’s car/gun porn.  I dog-eared the book at Chapter 14, page 223 (do you think he planned that?) and went to sleep.  When I got home last night, I picked it up again and read until it was finished.

Larry’s Best.  Book.  Yet.

Non-stop action, great characters, rollicking storyline . . . just, DAMN!

No spoilers, but I will say one line from the book had me laughing until I hurt: 

“Love what you’ve done with the place.  Very industrial.”

You have to read it to understand.

And yes, I’m a sick puppy.

Two thumbs WAY up.  Go get it.  Today.

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