Quote of the Day – Adaptive Curmudgeon Edition

Each digital book format will be oh so much cooler than the last.  Right up until you’ve bought the same book six times and decide you’d prefer to stare at the sun until you’re blind than do it again.

It has happened before.  Somewhere there is a person who has purchased the same rendition of Up And Away on 33 RPM LP, 8 track, cassette, CD, and now he has it on iTunes.  The day when he loses his iPod in a Dubai airport is the day he’ll start fondly dreaming of that big cabinet full of LPs he lugged around in college.  Then, ever so slowly, like the setting of the sun, the realization that he’s spent the better part of a car payment on just one song will seep into his bones and kill his soul. — My Theory Has a Hole In It

Another case of no original ideas, but I’ll tell you about the one I found. I think I’m becoming Say Uncle!

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