Quote of the Day – Electile Dysfunction Edition

As a highly disgruntled GOP-aligned voter, I must confess to viewing the current slate of GOP POTUS candidates with emotions running from despair to disdain.

You’ve got serial flip-flopper and dog abuser Mitt Romney, who with his usual brilliant sense of timing has decided that a period of serious economic concern and persistent financial populism among the public is the right time to quadruple the size of his multimillion dollar home in La Jolla.

You’ve got people like Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry who seem more interested in running for President of the Southern Baptist Convention than POTUS.

You’ve got Sarah Palin lurking in the shadows, a prospect that gives me the willies.

And then you’ve got seven or so dwarves.

In point of fact, Sarah doesn’t really bother me that much, but overall I’m in agreement with Professor Bainbridge here.

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