This Sounds Familiar

From that WSJ page mentioned in the previous post:

The “two different worldviews” that divide Washington, explains Eric Cantor, are too far apart for anything more than an armistice.

That sounds remarkably like Anarchangel’s quote from a while back:

There can be no useful debate between two people with different first principles, except on those principles themselves.

I quoted that in What We Got Here . . . is Failure to Communicate.  Also Thomas Sowell, from an Uncommon Knowledge interview:

Peter Robinson: If you had a sentence or two to say to the Cabinet assembled around President Obama, and this cabinet holds glittering degrees from one impressive institution after another, if you could beseech them to conduct themselves in one particular way between now and the time they leave office, what would you say?

Thomas Sowell: Actually, I would say only one word: Goodbye. Because I know there’s no point talking to them.

Sounds like Eric Cantor finally figured it out.

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