Can’t Make the Rendezvous?

One of the reasons we have the annual Gun Blogger Rendezvous is to raise money for a deserving charity – Project Valour-IT, an organization that provides voice-recognition capable laptop computers to our returning wounded soldiers.  They also provide GPS units to soldiers who have suffered brain trauma, and Wii game systems to the physical therapy departments of VA hospitals.  Started by milblogger and IED survivor Maj. Chuck Zeigenfuss, it’s a worthy cause.

But it’s hardly the only one.  Carteach0 is holding a fund raiser for The Wounded Warrior Project.  A mere $5 donation will get you entered in a drawing for a long, long list of terrific goodies.  Give it a look.

And there’s another good cause for you to check out.  Ambulance Driver is running Kilted to Kick Cancer, raising money for male-specific cancer research, with another long list of stuff you can win just by contributing.

I know things are tight, but please chip in if you can.

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