Falling Down on the Job

Uh, I’m supposed to post pictures and videos and comments on the just-passed Gun Blogger Rendezvous.


Well, not complete fail, but I didn’t get any video, and not too many pictures.  For once I did more shooting with firearms than with my camera.  Plus, I ran a squad at the Steel Challenge day, and had no opportunity to do much of anything with the camera.  Others have done (just scroll down) a fine job, though, including U.S. Citizen (keep scrolling there, too) who got a shot of me shooting my target AR, and Davidwhitewolf who got one of me shooting my XP-100, neither of which firearms have been featured here.  Mentioned in passing, yes.  Photographed, no.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll get my meager and paltry collection of photos up this weekend, plus a long list of “thank you’s” to the supporters of the GBR who contributed this year.  I’m still waiting to hear from Mr. Completely how much money was raised for Project Valour-IT.

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