GBR Update

Sorry about the lack of posting, but I’ve either been busy or asleep.

Yesterday was the regular “shoot what ya brung, and what everyone else brung, too,” range trip. I brought all my target stuff, and spent the day whacking steel and scaring a 55 gallon oil drum. I did get to run a magazine through U.S. Citizen’s suppressed Uzi, and I put a few rounds through the Weatherby Vanguard that Allen Forkner brought for us to shoot. I let a lot of people shoot my guns. The most popular was the LRB M25, followed by the .260 Remington Encore pistol, but as usual, if anyone showed any interest, it was “wanna shoot it?” at every table.

Today it was a repeat of last year’s Steel Challenge shoot, with three stages set up, and a special fourth two-gun stage sponsored by Sig and Weatherby. Weatherby provided a 12-gauge tactical pump, very similar to the Benelli Nova, and Sig a new folding-stock AR-style .22. At that stage we shot six rounds through the rifle, two hits each on three plates, then two rounds through the shotgun at clays in holders. We each made three runs. Tonight we’ll find out how we did.

I’m about to head back downstairs for a little more conversation before dinner and more conversation, followed by our annual raffle. Hopefully this year I’ll win a gun. Afterward comes more conversation.

You really should have come.

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