I Should’ve Gone to the Fast Draw Event

Home!  Finally.

I left Reno Sunday morning about 9:40 after breakfast with those conscious enough to make it.  I wanted to get an early start home so I could either stop in Kingman, AZ or drive on through to Tucson if I felt up to it. 

Unfortunately, when I got to Schurz, Nevada, about 100 miles out of Reno, Nevada Highway 95 was closed due to an earlier fatality accident.

Three and a half hours later, I headed onward towards home.  I got into a hotel room in Las Vegas about 10:00PM.  I pulled into my garage this afternoon at about 2:30.  LONG trip.  Still, worth it!

Pictures and some limited video once I have a chance to upload it, sort it, and post it.  Another great GBR!  (Though I didn’t win a firearm – again!)

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