Quote of the Day – Chicks With Guns Edition

Reader Larry B. sent me a link this morning to an PMSNBC piece on the new book Chicks with Guns by Linday McCrum with the following note:

When you see a front page article on the MSNBC website about women carrying guns you know that we are finally beginning to make headway in the battle about gun rights.

Well, we’ve known we’ve been making progress for some time, but point taken.

That’s not the QotD though.  This from Ms. McCrum’s interview is:

“I learned two main lessons while working on this book,” said McCrum, who divides her time between New York City and California when she isn’t traveling for work. “One is that on the subject of guns, nobody is neutral. And the other is that when you get outside of the blue-state cities, everybody has a gun.”

Gee, ya THINK? “40% of households” my aching buttocks. Forty percent will admit to it.

Looks like there’ll be another book to go on the shelf beside Kyle Cassidy’s 2007 portrait book Armed America, which I wrote about here.

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