Quote of the Day – Historical Edition

Checking my referrer logs, I found a link to a very old post here, a reproduction of a rec.guns post by Crystal River, Florida pawnbroker J. David Phillips. I found out from that link that Mr. Phillips, the survivor of a samurai sword attack by a deranged customer several years ago, has sometime since passed on.

Looking for an obituary on Mr. Phillips, I stumbled across something else entirely, though it was also related to Mr. Phillips through the story of that sword attack.  From this FiringLine thread comes today’s Quote of the Day:

Bottom line: this woman couldn’t get a clue if she smeared herself with clue musk and did the clue mating dance in the middle of a field full of horny clues at the height of the clue mating season.

Read the post this comes from. It’s a perfect assessment.  And applicable to more than just clueless columnists.

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