OK, So the First Week at the New Job is Over

Man, it’s nice to be back on the retail side of the electrical equipment business. Know anybody who needs a 35′ diameter 26,000Hp Semi-autogenous grinding mill or two? I’ve got a lead on a pair of new ones, never installed, with full warranty! A mere $24 million each! No 58-week lead time, they’re ready to go (well, except for the drive systems – those would need to be built, and they’re extra.)

I’ve got to spend another week up in Phoenix, but the new office should be ready a week from Wednesday. One nice fringe benefit is I will have an office again instead of a cubicle beige fabric-covered box. I missed that. Another will be that I can walk to work – it’s 1.0 miles from my front door to the new office. The exercise will do me good. I may need to put together a 40lb. rucksack to carry.

Let’s hope that economic Armageddon remains at bay for the foreseeable future.

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