The American Dream

I’m watching TLC’s replay of the CBS show Undercover Boss.  This week’s episode follows the CEO of the Baja Fresh restaurant chain as he goes to several stores as a prospective management candidate.  The stores he goes to are ones performing exceptionally well, and he wants to find out what makes these stores different from the average franchise.

At the first, the manager is a young Mexican immigrant, only in the country for two years, who is busting his ass.  At the second, a young man from the Phillipines – ditto.  The third, a young man recently immigrated from Jordan with his parents.  At the fourth, a young woman who is not a recent immigrant, but she has a two year-old daughter.  Her husband works nights, and she works days.  All of them are busting their asses and running their stores with dedication and enthusiasm.

At two of the stores the managers said outright that they were living the American Dream, working hard to create a better future for themselves and their families.  All of them understand the American work ethic, and are doing what it takes to make their stores the successes that have drawn the attention of corporate management.

It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

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